Is Your Summer Holiday Work Ready?

So the summer is upon us, kids away from school and we are all looking forward to our time away from work. For working adults the one or two weeks (or even more if you are lucky) it’s time away from the daily working routine. The big question then is are you and your work ready for your summer holiday? Not surprisingly there… Read more →

“I am sorry we are letting you go” – The Post Redundancy Plan

Imagine the scene, you are sitting in a room with your line manager, a representative from H.R. and perhaps a member of your trade union. You know what is about to happen and then its does……..“I am sorry we are letting you go”. You may be feeing numb, crushed and sick to your stomach. Of course you may also be… Read more →

What Has Happened to the Saturday Job?

Now I am sure those of a certain age will remember crawling out of bed first thing in the morning for a paper round. Perhaps you had a Saturday morning or summer holiday job in a shop, restaurant kitchen or sweeping up in a factory. Whatever you did, begrudgingly or not, the paper round, Saturday & Summer jobs gave us an… Read more →

The Career Enabled Disabled

So you have a disability or have a long-term health condition and are looking to pick up your career. Perhaps starting out at work or would just like a job. Though do you feel confident employers will see past your condition. You have the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities in your CV for the role. Clearly, you are motivated, driven… Read more →

Follow your Career Dreams – A Pleasure or a Curse?

Now then I am sure most of you have heard or read the mantra from those well meaning people. To be happy in life you need to figure out what you are passionate about. You should singlemindedly pursue your dreams for your ideal job. The contrary view is that this dream of following your passions, may lead great deal of pain.… Read more →

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