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2 weeks ago
Should It Be Illegal For Your Boss To Make You Email After Work?

Interesting development in NYC, though it may well be the employees fear of missing out that may prevail.

It’s called a right to disconnect: A new bill under consideration in New York City would fine employers that required workers to check electronic communications outside of work hours.

1 month ago
Be Career Brand Savvy - Bright Sparks Coaching

A "personal career brand" is all about your reputation, you know what people say about you when you're not in the room. Your personal career brand will help people remember you and what you do for ... See more

A "personal career brand" is all about your reputation, you know what people say about you when you're not in the room. The brand creates your unique value that impresses, associates you with drive ... See more

1 month ago
Serendipity - Career Chaos Theory - Bright Sparks Coaching

Work or your career not panning out exactly how you thought? Fear not find out about how Career Chaos Theory can help get you back on track.

Chaos theory in one shape or form for a while though career chaos theory? Helps us manage chance events in our careers and to use them to our advantage

1 month ago
What the distant past told us about work in the future

Its all going to be fine in your future work..............or is it?

All the times we’ve predicted – wrongly — how technology will change our lives.

1 month ago
Your hard work doesn't actually pay off

Might explain a lot.

'Very often, the most successful people are moderately talented but very lucky'

1 month ago
Is more career choice a good thing? - Bright Sparks Coaching

Career analysis through paralysis.

With over 12000 job titles available today, Is too much choice a good thing in searching for a new and meaningful career?

1 month ago
How To Tidy Up Your Digital Footprint Before Your First Job Search

Very, very important this is done before any job searching or career change. Don't let the recruiting officer find anything online that will leave you red faced.

You can’t go back in time and not post those embarrassing photos, but you can erase your mistakes before your future boss Googles you.

1 month ago
How to sell yourself in an interview in 30 seconds and leave recruiters wanting more - RECRUITING TIMES

Good to be reminded of a simple but effective method of managing interviews

Eight top tips to crafting the perfect elevator pitch - RECRUITING TIMES

1 month ago
The Positive Results Of Being Negative

Like most things in life its all about balance. Don't deny yourself the so called negative emotions or people; they might just be the jolt you need to accelerate your development and give you a new ... See more

Being a curmudgeon could be good for your career.

2 months ago

Career tool tip: Did you know a great deal of new jobs are found through the hidden job market. Perhaps up to 75% in some cases. To access them you need to network. Follow interesting companies on ... See more


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