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2 days ago
The Positive Results Of Being Negative

Like most things in life its all about balance. Don't deny yourself the so called negative emotions or people; they might just be the jolt you need to accelerate your development and give you a new ... See more

Being a curmudgeon could be good for your career.

1 week ago

Career tool tip: Did you know a great deal of new jobs are found through the hidden job market. Perhaps up to 75% in some cases. To access them you need to network. Follow interesting companies on ... See more

2 weeks ago
The Self employed & Freelancers need appraisals too - here's how. - Bright Sparks Coaching

If you are self employed or a you miss the appraisal process in your business. If you don't review your performance then how are you going to improve?

Do you miss appraisals as a freelancer or a self employed person that you might have had when you were employed? My guess is possibly no. However, this article will demonstrate that freelancers and ... See more

2 weeks ago

Career tool tip: If you have an interview coming up there might be competency or behavioural questions. So use the STAR model to answer them. Situation you found yourself, Tasks needed, Actions ... See more

2 weeks ago
Top 100 UK Coaching Blogs and Websites On The Web

Excited to be in the top 100 blogs on coaching in the UK for careers, business, personal and professional development on the web. Check out our blog page at ... See more

UK Coaching blogs list ranked by popularity based on social metrics, google search ranking, quality & consistency of blog posts

2 weeks ago

Career tool tip: CV's and covering letters might not be popular in some industries/businesses these days due to SM. However using a CV as a motivational tool to focus on your achievements, brand and ... See more

3 weeks ago
How Does the Brain Unconsciously Master Automatized Skills?

Now I bang on about automatic processes to people willing to listen and even those that don't want to listen. But this process does the heavy lifting for day to day jobs that you have learnt so well ... See more

A new study links implicit learning and lateral regions of the cerebellum.

3 weeks ago

Career tool tip: If you are looking for a new job, career or a pay rise then know your value. You will need to know where you add value to a company, clients or customers. Do you increase sales, ... See more

3 weeks ago
Featured Freelancer: David Dean, Psychologist | Ed Goodman

Featured Freelancer: David Dean, Psychologist by edagoodman | Jan 30, 2018 | Featured Freelancer, Freelance Buffer I met a freelancer once, many years ago, who used to leave his house at 8:30 in the ... See more

3 weeks ago
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