Business & Executive Development

target2Here at the Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge) we understand what business and executive coaching means. Our purpose is to deliver tangible results so you can measure your success.

The objective is to coach you toward identifying your strategic business goals from a position of knowledge and understanding. We know that evidence suggest that business coaching is an integral part of your business & personal development. So you need to know they can deliver what they say that can.


Delivering on our promise

Bright Sparks Business and Executive Coaching helps you and your business achieve real, tangible and measurable results that you need. We give you the skills necessary to take you forward. Making you stand out from the crowd to move you forward successfully.

Perhaps you are a new manager or have started a role in an organisation? You require more agile leadership techniques? Perhaps just need a new perspective upon where you need to develop. Our business & executive coach will expertly guide you toward a new and rewarding perspective for your career

Your needs may range from:

Self Awareness – building upon strengths whilst re-ignition of your sense of purpose, motivation & energy for your role and your business. Helping to manage your personal perceptions held of you by others members of the team. Therefore becoming more self confident and assertive when you need to be. Realise and build upon your strengths that have made you the successful person you are today. This can only be achieved with the ability to discuss and reflect upon your key attributes

Optimum Business Performance – building capabilities, coaching others, improve prioritisation, manage difficult people negotiate the organisational politics & potential conflict. You may be engaged in organisational change rebuilding teams or secure senior support for your business vision.

Promotion & Career Change – Struggling to be perceived as ready for that promotion? Seeking a new role and challenging and changing business sector, function & responsibility? Looking for clarity on your ideal role that offers challenges in a business that appreciates you?

Leadership Transformation – Having difficulties projecting your influence at executive levels and engaging your vision across the layers of management? Diplomatic management of diverse stakeholders, building senior team capabilities, creating new cultures, fostering portfolio strategic thinking. All aspects required to be a reflective & effective leader.

No one size fits all

We know that there are no two business people alike, so will support you from your own perspective. Listening and designing a programme to move you to the next level of your business or career. So rest assured all coaching sessions are tailored around you and your immediate strategic needs. Just pick up the phone 07572881604 or contact us for further details and programme plans.


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