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“Eye to Eye Contact” – Nifty Networking

Did you know most vacancies and job opportunities are never advertised. How does that help me find that elusive next job or career move? Well unsurprisingly from the title some nifty networking strategies can hold the key.  Getting going Gathering up and maintaining those all important contacts and connections is a great first move. Its a chance to look over who you are connected to past & present… Read more →

Weird Careers and Planned Happenstance Theory

Ever wondered how you ended up in the job or career you have presently? Was your career planned out with a prescribed course and action plan? Are you still doing the job you set out to do when you left university or school? My guess is not. My work with clients, constantly reminds me of a career theory that only the academic mind could… Read more →

Follow me I am right behind you? A Leadership Question

Hopefully the irony of the title “follow me I am right behind you” is not lost on those that have experienced leaders in the workplace both good and bad. Needless to say, we witness good leaders that have the seemingly innate ability to influence ours and others, thoughts, behaviours and actions. We enthusiastically rally behind their vision, beliefs & passion for the cause… Read more →

Is LinkedIn your new CV/resume?

Following on from the recent blog on face-to-face networking and how important getting you out and about is for your career, the question now is, has LinkedIn become the new CV/resume? Of course well crafted & up to date CV/resume is primarily a historical document of your experiences, skills, abilities & competencies etc and is still necessary for most jobs you may… Read more →

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