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You don’t have to crazy to work here – but…..

Alain de Botton at Future Talent Conference 2017

Philosophy of the Workplace

Now I am a big fan of the philosophy of the workplace and careers, and no better exponent of this than Alain de Botton at the Changeboard Conference 2017. Principally, Mr Botton suggests most leaders & managers are anxious and panic ridden and not grumpy or stern. We all behave like 3 year old’s at work and we might just have to admit to ourselves how hard we are to work with. Take a look at the video and drop us a line with your thoughts. Do you agree with Mr de Botton’s theories if not why?

Lonely at the Top – Coaching Leaders

TabletFascinating interview from the BBC about senior executives, leaders and their coaches. It is clear that leaders and executives within the leadership teams in many large organisations can be a lonely place sometimes. As a result do not have the opportunity to discuss their plans or visions for the future in a non-judgemental and unbiased way.

Moreover, the great coach can provide the necessary sounding board and the necessary professional development for people at the top. To help them help the rest of the organisation prosper and develop effectively. Interesting listen to highlight the importance of leadership & executive coaching for senior decision making people.



Executive Stress – What is an Executive?

Having been around large & small organisations & institutions, training, mentoring & coaching for too many years to mention, I always had a rye smile to myself when anyone proudly announced themselves as an executive. Sales executives seemed always to be the most self satisfied to pronounce upon the world about their elevated executive status. Needless to say, I don’t want… Read more →

Future of Leadership – A Philosopher’s View


Interesting short video from Alain de Botton on the subject of the future of leadership. Now his views may not necessarily be the consensus or an evidenced based perspective on leadership. However, being a thinker and problem solver over a “doer” may well be a good place to start to develop and grow into a role of a leader.

Future of Leadership – A Philosopher’s View


The Formal or Informal Leadership Question?

I am sure you have seen LinkedIn and other social media platforms awash with articles on leadership and becoming a better leader. How many articles and promotions do we see “10 ways to become a great leader” or “Essential Leadership Training” etc, along with countless cliched quotes from business characters. You have all seen them I am sure. Now if I was… Read more →

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