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CV or not a CV that is the question?

I can vividly remember a very peculiar lecture whilst studying for an MSc in Occupational Psychology. A recruiter arrived to discuss the recruitment process and the curriculum vitae (CV)/résumé sifting process. All interesting stuff. There we were sitting politely awaiting an evidenced based system for CV & candidate sifting. However, we were a little stunned to hear that his process wasn’t that… Read more →

Appraisals what are they good for?

How many people have a good performance appraisal experience, how many line managers feel that they are just a “HR box ticking” episode (bah humbug), or more to the point how many people actually have appraisals at work? Having spent some time reviewing a large organisation’s appraisal process, it became clear that there is no one size fits all formula. In fact,… Read more →

Self Employed & Staying Motivated

Now I have to declare my hand here. This post is a bit of a catharsis for me. Bring self employed there are times when its a bit like being a resting actor. The Peter Sellers character Warrington Minge was forever lurching between feast and famine.  Taking his play Fulfilling less Last Finale around the provinces to less than eager… Read more →

Is LinkedIn your new CV/resume?

Following on from the recent blog on face-to-face networking and how important getting you out and about is for your career, the question now is, has LinkedIn become the new CV/resume? Of course well crafted & up to date CV/resume is primarily a historical document of your experiences, skills, abilities & competencies etc and is still necessary for most jobs you may… Read more →

Talking Heads – Supporting MBA Interpersonal Success

I work with a number of great MBA students & graduates at business school here in the UK. The students locations stretched from the USA, China, India, Asia, UK & Africa and all had fascinating histories, career paths and business stories to tell. However, I hope to share some of the reflections from the work with the students, and perhaps highlight… Read more →

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