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When Opportunity Knocks – more Planned Happenstance Theory

  Some of us like to think we have a clear career path in our minds. A bright golden future off in the distance. It may be your calling, vocation or a right of passage perhaps. Many of us have our careers mapped out and know (or rather believe we know) what it will look like both now, as in… Read more →

“Eye to Eye Contact” – Nifty Networking

Did you know most vacancies and job opportunities are never advertised. How does that help me find that elusive next job or career move? Well unsurprisingly from the title some nifty networking strategies can hold the key.  Getting going Gathering up and maintaining those all important contacts and connections is a great first move. Its a chance to look over who you are connected to past & present… Read more →

Reboot your Career in 2016

Did you know……….almost half of all workers in the UK would like to change career, a report from the London School of Business and Finance has revealed recently. The LSBF Careers Report found that as well as the 47 per cent of workers who would like to change career, 21 per cent of workers are looking to move careers in… Read more →

Mind the Gap – Your Career after a Break

Once upon a time an old chap said to me, that a ‘career is just a job that has gone on too long”. I guess having had several “careers” (or more to the point jobs in the past), I do understand how important careers to us all.  This came into sharp focus following a conversation around people (mainly parents and… Read more →

Crash, Bang, Wallop – Networking for Superheroes.

Networking can be both a pleasure and a curse. We have all been to networking meetings thinking it may help with career prospects or improve business.  Though more often than not we come away thinking “what was all that about!” We haven’t achieved anything apart from having a nice time, the chance to meet a few interesting people and perhaps… Read more →

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