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Scheming Career Schemas

A scheming schemas, what on earth is that old man on about? Well if you are sitting comfortably then I will explain. Now the concept of schemas have been around for a while in psychology. It best describes a packet of information, patterns of thought and behaviour lodged away somewhere in our non-conscious brain. Its a handy theory as it… Read more →

When Opportunity Knocks – more Planned Happenstance Theory

  Some of us like to think we have a clear career path in our minds. A bright golden future off in the distance. It may be your calling, vocation or a right of passage perhaps. Many of us have our careers mapped out and know (or rather believe we know) what it will look like both now, as in… Read more →

“Eye to Eye Contact” – Nifty Networking

Did you know most vacancies and job opportunities are never advertised. How does that help me find that elusive next job or career move? Well unsurprisingly from the title some nifty networking strategies can hold the key.  Getting going Gathering up and maintaining those all important contacts and connections is a great first move. Its a chance to look over who you are connected to past & present… Read more →

Appraisals what are they good for?

How many people have a good performance appraisal experience, how many line managers feel that they are just a “HR box ticking” episode (bah humbug), or more to the point how many people actually have appraisals at work? Having spent some time reviewing a large organisation’s appraisal process, it became clear that there is no one size fits all formula. In fact,… Read more →

The 50+ Career Challenge

Did you know that it is estimated that by 2020 a third of Britain’s workforce will be over 50. Interesting fact I think you will agree.  Now I have to declare a vested interest with this post. Firstly as a more mature gent, I am becoming increasing aware of career challenges of the baby boomer’s as we move toward retirement.… Read more →

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