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Mind Over Matter – Mindfulness for day-to-day life

Mindfulness is the big thing these days. Hell of a statement I know, but with the internet awash with evidenced based models such as cognitive behavioural mindfulness & less evidenced based models that are more aligned to spiritual meditation, how do people use mindfulness techniques? Clearly, neither technique is more or less successful just the model that works for an individual. Now then… Read more →

The Joy of Mindlessness

Now we are all aware of the upsurge in Mindfulness and the benefits of meditation. There is a growing research base that highlights how Mindfulness helps with a number of mild to moderate mental health and issues; both at home and work. However, the question is of course if Mindfulness is so productive in our day-to-day lives, why aren’t we… Read more →

No Fear Public Speaking.

Adrian Furnham in the Sunday Times recently highlighted the need these days for leaders/business people in organisations and politicians to be able to give great memorable speeches. Now Mr Furnham touches on all the main points of presenting, speech making and creating a lasting impression. So pointless us going through those aspects again. However, all of these learned abilities and skills are… Read more →

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