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teamWorking with us at Bright Sparks Coaching.

Being a psychologist & coach with a track record of career management is a passion. We understand it, have degrees in it, and have lived it for over twenty years.  We specialise in professional and career development.  Career transitions and personal & business performance. So rest assured working with us mean you are in safe hands.

We have had significant careers and experience in psychology, business and industry. Further education and the third sector within the UK & Europe. Training & coaching many executives, leaders, managers, global MBA students & people at work though evidenced based psychology for sustainable & fulfilling results. 

You may be looking to manage any number of career related activities such as –

  • Moving closer to a well earned promotion or taking on more leadership responsibility.
  • Looking toward a much needed career transition, to sustain you through the second or third phase of your career. Connecting you with greater a sense of meaning for what you do.
  • An MBA or business graduate looking for the chance to refine your employability to take you to the next level.
  • Taking on the fresh challenge of management.
  • Returning to work after a parenting break or recovering from an illness, and need support to get your strategic career management up to date.

Whatever your needs, Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge) will be with you all the way. We will be your trusted partner and career navigator. Guiding you toward that fulfilling and satisfying future at work that you deserve.

You can contact us via email or sign up for our Bright Sparks Coaching blog feeds; to keep in touch with up to date career news and views. You can also contact us through social media as well. Contact us today so we can start to make those great things happen.

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