Is it time to make your career work for you?

Business, recruitment and your career are changing – but are you ready?

    • Do you feel burned out, unfulfilled and drained?
    • Experienced recent redundancy as a result of Covid-19 and feel demotivated or anxious?
    • Feel disengaged from your work that once made you satisfied and happy?
    • Wonder if your career even matter any more?
    • Want to move into management and leadership roles but don’t how to get there?
    • Keep getting passed over for a promotion?
    • Feel stuck and even hopeless, with no sense of doing something with purpose or worthwhile?
    • Ever ask yourself “I don’t know what to do next” or “I don’t know how to make a change”

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Our Services

Career Coaching

We know how important your work and career is to you, you need to feel valued and happy in what you do. We will give you the motivation, confidence and tools to succeed.

Professional Development

Becoming a manager, securing promotion, being more assertive or putting a strategy in place for your career is never easy. We will help you all the way to take the next steps.


Leading people is both a science and an art. So don’t leave this important career development opportunity to chance. Learn how to engage and lead with purpose.

Career and Professional Development

Interview and CV Coaching

Applying for a job and attending an interview can be stressful at the best of times. Indeed, your CV is the opportunity to tell employers your story. Our Career Health Check and Career Vision programs help to get you on the right track

Personal Career "Brand" Profile

Being clear about who you are and what value you bring is a great way to be noticed, and most of all remembered. Our Personal Career Brand Program is here to showcase your career vision, goals, talents, passions and drive.

Career Transitions

Our programmes are designed to support your transition into a more fulfilling & satisfying career. Giving you an important renewed sense of purpose, energy and meaning in what you do.

Home Based Working Strategy

We support you and your team to manage the transitions to successful and happy home based working. Whether you are working in, from, or at home, you will need a strategy that is right for you and your business.

The Learning Lab

For over 25 years we have constructed workplace and business psychology learning programmes, measuring outcomes and giving great return on investment. Helping teams become more productive, engaged and doing what they do but better


eCoaching through email or text for example is fast becoming the new frontier in coaching. We focus on the what is already working, building upon your drive and what matters most to you. Both in your work and life.

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We would love to hear from you, just so we can tell you even more about our great services.

We offer a complimentary career & professional development scoping session to help identify your immediate needs, goals and objectives. Perhaps you need some support after redundancy or just helping you clarify your thoughts and ideas for your future career development. Your future career strategy is just a short conversation away.

So call or contact us today to book your no obligation call.


You can contact us on 07572881604 or perhaps email us at mailbrightsparkscoaching@gmail.com

About us

At Bright Sparks Coaching we are focused on just one thing – propelling you and your career to a higher level.  Through evidenced based coaching psychology, learning and strategic professional development. We support clients to secure that dream job, be a great leader & manager, secure that promotion and transform careers. Perhaps you have been made redundant and just need some professional support to help you redirect your job search. Whatever your needs, we are here to support your career for more meaning, drive and purpose.

Our pledge to you is that we will be with you all the way. We will be your trusted partner and your career navigator. Guiding you toward that fulfilling and satisfying future at work that you deserve.

To find out how Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge) can help you, call now on 07572881604. You can contact us via email or sign up for our Bright Sparks Coaching blog feeds. To keep in touch with up to date career news and views and through social media. Talk to us today to begin your journey of discovery and make those great career plans happen.

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What our happy clients say


"David is a great coach who expertly blends 'plain / straight talking' with a more facilitative style, which appealed to my need for tangible advice as well as business coaching more generally. His strong experience in business adds further weight to his perspectives. Strongly recommend!"

B. Williams
Managing Director, Sten 10


"Open, approachable and easy to work with, David provides great insight and structured thinking, helping crystallise career concepts and desires you may not have been able to vocalise yourself." "Gave me a lot of food for thought for future directions and how to leverage and fulfil my strengths and values".

D. Young
Associate Director AstraZenica


 "When it comes to professional development, David is an outstanding professional. His ability to engage, scrutinize and ask the right questions can unlock the hidden potential of just about any individual and organisation." "David's ability to motivate and to help his clients find clarity is priceless".

A. Fox
Technology Director at Aurelius Environmental


"David coached me in preparation for a job interview. David lifted the scales from my eyes and showed me what is truly important to an interviewer, the messages to give and how to get them across." "I now have a job in marketing and I would highly recommend David."

S. Clark
Marketing Executive


"I highly recommend David as one of the outstanding career professional coaches I came across. David stood out to me as one of the most insightful, optimistic and original thinker." "Without a doubt, David is talented in what he does and I’m delighted to recommend him and learning from him”.

Lamya Aubert
Senior Program Manager


"Before I met David, I suffered from low self esteem, dreaded the interview process and I lacked a direction in my career.  David changed the way I perceived myself, highlighted my skills (made me proud of them) and gave me the courage I thought I never had. On my very next interview, I got my dream job." 

James Nnamdi Chinye
Client Services Manager

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