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Bright Sparks Coaching

The Cambridge Career, Personal & Professional Coaching Service

Career Fulfilment

Our careers and sense of purpose at work is vitally important to us all. So is it time for you to take control, feel valued & motivated to find that new career path? Call today to find out how.

Development Goals

Becoming a manager, securing promotion, being more assertive, and dealing with stressful life events can be tough. Don't worry, help is here to to break down the barriers of change.

Leadership Strategy

Leading people is both a science and an art. So don’t leave this important career development opportunity to chance. Learn how to engage, communicate and lead with purpose and vision.

Career, Personal and Professional Development

Interview and CV Coaching

Applying for a job and attending an interview can be stressful at the best of times. Indeed, your CV is the opportunity to tell employers your story. Our career development programs help to get you on the right track

Personal Career "Brand" Profile

Being clear about who you are and what value you bring is a great way to be noticed. Our Personal Career Brand Program is here to showcase your career vision, goals, talents, passions and drive

Career Transitions

All our career transition programmes are designed to support your transition into a more fulfilling & satisfying career. Giving you an renewed sense of purpose, energy and meaning in what you do.

Personal Development Coaching

Whether it is an issue at work or a more personal matter in life that is worrying you, we are here to help. Supporting you with issues you are facing with an experienced mental health specialist & psychologist

The Learning Lab

For over 25 years of workplace and business psychology learning programmes, measuring outcomes and giving great return on investment. With great returns on your valuable training investment.


eCoaching through email or text for example is fast becoming the new frontier in coaching. We focus on the what is already working, building upon your drive and what matters most to you.


We would love to hear from you, just so we can tell you even more about our great services.

Why not try our complimentary career, personal & professional development scoping session to help identify your immediate needs, goals and objectives. Perhaps you need some support after redundancy or just helping you clarify your thoughts and ideas for your future career development. Your future is just a short conversation away.

So call or contact us today to book your no obligation call.


You can contact us on 07572881604 or perhaps email us at


Bright Sparks Coaching focuses on just one thing – propelling you, your life and your career purpose to a higher level.  We have many years of experience with evidenced-based coaching psychology, organisational learning, and strategic personal, professional and career development.  Supporting clients to secure that dream job, be a great leader & manager, get promoted and transform lives through positive mental health.  We support you with your personal development, well-being or life concerns. We help you to manage stress, redundancy, anxiety, frustration and a wide range of life factors that may stop you from moving on and the success you deserve.  Whatever your needs, we are here to support you in finding more meaning, drive and purpose.

To find out how Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge) can help you, call now on 07572881604. You can contact us via email or sign up for our award-winning Bright Sparks Coaching blog posts. To keep in touch with up-to-date career and psychology news and views through social media. Call today to begin your journey of discovery and make those great plans happen today.


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CV Magazine Best Career Coaching Company, England 2019/20

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