50-Plus Career Transition

confusedDid you know that by 2025 over a third of Britain’s workforce will be over 50?

An interesting fact I am sure you will agree.  Many people are now looking to work a lot later in life than our forebears. For lots of different reasons. Pension provision may not be what was hoped and we are living longer than ever before. If we stay fit and healthy at work and in a job or career we enjoy, you can help us stay financially independent longer. Moreover and probably more importantly, healthier both physically and mentally.

Here at Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge), we have designed the 50 Plus Career Transition Programme for you at your life stage. Specifically designed to help you maximise your experience, knowledge, abilities, and skills accumulated over the years of your career. Your Career Capital. Those irresistible and rare skills have made you so successful.

Moving forward with your career

So how do we manage our working life as we move into our middle & later careers? How do we make plans for our learning & development and possible career transitions if need be? This unique coaching package for the 50-plus person will begin to present the strategies necessary to make sure you stay happy and fulfilled in your work and satisfied you are doing a job. The goal of this package is to add to your financial security. Create better confidence and self-esteem and promote more enjoyment at work.

How will the program work?

We will form your bespoke 50-plus career transition program from three distinct stages

  • Will investigate your needs and motivations for a career change and what it means to you. You will begin to discover your primary drivers and core values; your strengths, skills, interests, and passions. You will be guided through these questions to understand what you value and where other commitments fit into your working life.
  • Here we will create your new 50-plus career possibilities & priorities. Indeed there is a likelihood that they are closely aligned with your earlier roles, whilst others will be different. With our support, you will have the clarity necessary for your career options that emerge and those are right for your career happiness & success.
  • Here we will focus on your chosen career transition vision and your brand – repositioning your CV, how you approach applications, presentations and interviews etc. We will begin to develop a plan to bridge the knowledge & confidence gap to help you reach your goals.  We will work toward providing you with the confidence and self-esteem necessary to compete in a challenging employment market so that your CV and your career history come to the fore and most of all you feel great about your plans.

The Structure

An intensive program of nine hourly sessions either face-to-face, telephone or video call. Bespoke career coaching, in which we will work through your 50-plus career transition program to reposition you and your career aspirations going forward. We will supply you with the session notes, resources and agreed pathways to your goals. You should aim to allow a time commitment of 2-4 hours per week. Unlimited email, text and phone support is available for the duration of the program so that you can check in to run ideas past us or perhaps provide clarity of the sessions and the actions.

Let’s get started!

Why not call 075728881604 or contact us for further details and an informal discussion on your needs & receive a complimentary Career Health Check to look at your career dreams and aspirations.

*All coaching sessions are tailored around you and your immediate strategic needs. Talk to us about coaching fees and further details on charges, session structure and program plans