Now I have to declare my hand here. This post is a bit of a catharsis for me. Being self-employed there are times when its a bit like being a resting actor. The Peter Sellers character of the actor  Warrington Minge, who was forever lurching between feast and famine.  Taking […]
Following on from the recent blog on face-to-face networking and how important getting you out and about is for your career, the question now is, has LinkedIn become the new CV/resume? Of course well crafted & up to date CV/resume is primarily a historical document of your experiences, skills, abilities & competencies […]
Having worked from a home-base whilst employed and now working at home working for myself, I do thoroughly understand what it takes to stay sane working at home. Having said that I am sure my friends and family may doubt my sanity. Let alone the home working part. Less said about […]
I work with a number of great MBA students & graduates at business school here in the UK. The location of students stretch from the USA, China, India, Asia, UK & Africa and all had fascinating histories, career paths and business stories to tell. However, I hope to share some of […]
Now, this is not a hard luck story, but the business of helping people learn. Learning whilst at work is one of those things that really animates me – almost to distraction. Some are lucky to have followed the traditional path of education in the UK and have parents/carers that […]