Questions, Questions…………

Asked yourself any of these questions recently?

  • How can I find that career or job I will love?
  • I feel like I am ignored because I am too old for that great job?
  • How do I find the motivation and confidence to change career to something more meaningful after all these years?
  • What does it take to create a contemporary & winning CV or to conduct a brilliant interview after a career break?
  • How do I become more assertive and express myself with confidence?
  • Can I become a convincing and great business leader, create my vision and help my team to understand my message?
  • What do I need to do to find my way as a new manager?
  • How can I manage my interview nerves and fears?
  • What does it take to stand up in from of an audience and present with confidence?
  • How can I tell my career story effectively?


Bright Sparks Coaching – Your Career & Professional Development Navigator

These are just a small sample of the vital questions faced by many of the private & professional clients we work with. It is these very questions and problems we solve.  Providing answers and direction to get that career, job or life you deserve.

We are asked by our clients to signpost them through the career maze and to create new exciting employment opportunities. We focus upon areas of work or career, perhaps to re-examine priorities after a career break. You may have had children and want to get back to work or just had time out of your career and would like to re-engage?

Our work is just not about careers and employment, we support clients with many performances and personal issues that only an expert, experienced & dedicated professional psychologist can supply. Therefore providing you with the immensely valuable insight, goal setting skills and problem-solving ability that are necessary to make more informed life choices. You could be experiencing issues at work or at home that would benefit from a structured programme, allowing you to make those important choices and move on with life.

Be a Bright Spark

Here at Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge), we will tailor a package of coaching & learning support to your needs.  We will set your goals and learning objectives together within prescribed time-frames. It’s your success criteria at the heart of the programme.  This is about YOU – your personal & professional life that only you can decide upon. Your career and life happiness are important. Don’t leave these decisions to chance let us move your life forward together.

Drop us a line here or phone us at 07572881604 for a complimentary telephone consultation to hear about how we can work toward achieving your goals for your life.