Career Vision

TeleWhich end of the career telescope are you looking through?

Ever asked yourself on a Monday morning “there must be more to work than this?” There is of course, but sometimes we can’t get to grips with what we need to do to make change happen. As a result, Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge) has developed the groundbreaking Career Vision Programme. This will provide the clarity and insight you are looking for in your career vision. That will help you create a career development strategy to take you to the next level. 

We all know that looking down the wrong end of a telescope will make things like your career seem a lot further away. We will refocus you on your career transition skills, look at your personal career brand etc to develop your career planning and vision. Help you set meaningful goals and objectives for your professional development and make sure you put the measures of success in place. Needless to say, the programme is designed around you as not all development needs are the same. So drop us a line with your needs to see how our career vision programme can help you move toward a more fulfilling time at work 

Some of the areas of focus are as follows:

  • Career clarity by defining your purpose, strengths & preferences
  • Return to your career & work after a maternity/paternity break
  • Intelligent career transition strategies
  • Provide clarity for the personal & important aspects of a professional career change
  • Help to focus on your core transferable skills & abilities
  • Build a compelling personal career brand
  • Reality check for career transition plans
  • Interview skills & presentations for final round interviews
  • Lock into the key motivations for your career and support for changes ahead.

Your Career Vision

The programme is an intensive one-month (one intensive session per week) course of action. We will set achievable goals and objectives because this will help motivate and create a call to action for career planning.

Sessions can be face-to-face in Cambridge, by telephone or via video call depending upon the need. Included in your programme is email support & the necessary resources for the life of the programme. Why not call 075728881604 or contact us to talk about your needs and what you want to achieve in your career

*All coaching sessions are tailored around you and your immediate strategic needs. Talk to us about our fees and further details on charges, session structure and programme plans or perhaps let’s meet for a coffee?