Can a Portfolio Career work for you?

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Now you may or may not have heard of a portfolio career before. Wouldn’t blame you in the slightest if you hadn’t. In fact, I am sure a lot of working people may not have heard of or even known they existed.  The big question is, do they exist, what are they and who are […]

Pushing Back – COVID-19 Redundancy Planning

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We are in the middle of a global pandemic and we all know life will never quite be the same again. Sadly for many of us, our jobs & careers will never be the same either. In the UK the Government has rolled out a furlough scheme that pays employees 80% of salaries up to […]

Creating a Meaningful Career

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(Five minute read) Have you ever asked this profound question at your workstation, what makes me happy and what really makes my work worth doing? Philosopher Plato believed that we are in constant search of a profound sense of purpose and meaning. On a personal quest to ultimately lead a satisfying and fulfilling life. Cultural […]

Mr Darwin and your Career Evolution

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Mr Darwin and your career evolution is a hell of a title I’m sure you will agree. Initially, it might be a tough sell to ask the reader to make a connection between what you do for a living and how, according to the theory, species evolve and survive. However, Darwin’s theory can be applied […]