The Self employed & Freelancers need appraisals too – here’s how.

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Do you miss the appraisal process as a freelancer or a self-employed person? You might have had a yearly appraisal at work with your line manager. The appraisal would have probably focused upon goals and objectives for the business, department and your professional development etc. If yes your company and line manager was doing the […]

A Very Professional Statement for your CV

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So we have had a romp through the evidence for a great CV. Now’s a good time exploring the subject that vexed a number of people when creating a new CV. That being the professional summary or statement. Or put it another way, who you are professionally and what you deliver at work. This part of […]

A Great Curriculum Vitae/Résumé……..the Evidence.

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One of the first questions clients usually ask me about is the help to create a great CV/résumé. The belief is it will get them the position or role they want, or perhaps need for their career progression. It’s generally a low impact way to seek professional career coaching support for career/job change. It can […]

Make Your Workplace Training Stick

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I have a thing about the lack of evaluation and assessment (E&A) of workplace training & learning, my problem I know.  So while I am getting over that, lets be more positive and look at a few great ways to make your training & learning programmes stick. Needless to say, there are many benefits of […]