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Rebooting Your Career in 2019

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-Trend.jpgDid you know……….almost half of all workers in the UK would like to change career, a report from the London School of Business and Finance has revealed.

The LSBF Careers Report found that as well as the 47 per cent of workers who would like to change career, 21 per cent of workers are looking to move careers in the next 12 months with increased salary prospects, better work-life balance and improved job satisfaction the main reasons for wanting to move. So its fair to say a career reboot is something in many people’s minds as they enter 2019.

Indeed, nigh on a quarter of British people (23%) in employment revealed that they regret their current career choice, with higher figures for younger workers; 30 per cent of 25-34 year-olds regretting their current career.

However, many people are unwilling to move jobs owing to a number of factors they feel hold them back, with the biggest factor being the lack of financial security (29%) holding them back. Not knowing what to switch to and fear of failure were also two major obstacles for changing careers. The infographic from London School of Business and Finance can be found here

So the facts and figures speak for themselves and clearly not everyone is a happy bunny in their jobs, especially as we enter a new year. The question is how do you break the inertia and get the New Year of with a bang? How do you set a career strategy in motion that will give you the best chance possible to move you career forward? Read on to find out how to kick start your career for the better.

Finding that Career Coach to Reboot your Career into 2019

My work is dedicated to helping people reboot their careers through career transition coaching. Helping someone move forward to re-enter the workplace, managing the process of changing jobs or careers, outgrown a current role or even more exciting a completely different career is a terrific buzz. Career coaching can mean different things to different people. However, the way we manage our working lives can affect us all in many ways, both financially and our sense of fulfilment and satisfaction with life. Thing is if you are in a position to think about support to move your working life forward, how on earth do folk know the quality of the coach? Of if an agency is going to work for them? Hopefully, this short article will help you with your career choices, and help to start to reboot your career in 2019.

Good the Bad and the Downright Ugly

There are a number of organisations that advertise aggressively to help you manage your career. Some charge huge sums of money to give you the benefit of their experience and resources. I have been unlucky enough to have the “benefit” of an outplacement service, following a contract ending in a previous role. In one sense it was sold to me as a positive programme of honing my employment skills, one-to-one coaching and re-jigging my CV etc. The contract with the career management agency was for 12 months that sadly resulted in no interviews, employment leads or investment in me as a client. I had a few printed sheets with “tricky interview questions” and a list of web-based job sites to search – and that was it! The consultant was more interested in getting his lunch than helping me move forward. A horrible experience I would not wish anyone to go through.

So in the light of all that, I have put together a few questions you might want to ask yourself and the coach before you employ them to support you to help you with your career

  1. What track record does the coach have and what are their qualifications? You need to know that the coach has a background in employment, recruitment, business and coaching – and most of all, that you can work with them. Who have they helped before and how did they support the person find the life at work they are looking for? Lastly, are they qualified to deliver a confidential and structured service – ask them about this to be confident about the service on offer?
  2. Are they members of recognised professional bodies such as the British Psychological Society, Careers Development Institute etc, with recognised codes of ethics and guidelines to protect you and your well-being?
  3. What areas of career coaching do they specialise in? There are many colours of coaching available from the life coach who may have had minimal training toward coaches who have years of education, continual professional development and experience in careers, business and employment. If this is what you are looking for then look for a coach specialising in this area.
  4. Can you access a variety of ways to get the support you need i.e. telephone, Skype, email, face-to-face? Some coaches and agencies only work 9-5, does that suit you? Spend time getting the coach and the type of service you need.
  5. Do they offer a confidential & complementary Career Health Check, Career Drivers & Careers Inventory prior to you signing on the dotted line? You need to be sure the coach and the methods are right for you. You may need to feel confident that your coach can help you with your issues and to help you solve them. So most career coaches of substance will offer you this initial complimentary career scoping service. They will also make their fee structure transparent with no hidden extras
  6. Lastly, can the coach guarantee results – well frankly no. It all depends upon a number of different factors such as how much work you (as the client) is prepared to put in and if you trust the coach. I can’t think of many coaches that will guarantee you will be in the job or the career you want just by waving a magic wand! So be prepared to put some work into your personal and professional development.

These are just a few questions to ask your prospective career coach. Remember that coaching is all about relationships, both you with your coach. If the relationship doesn’t work then find one that does. In the end, it’s your career and as you are seeking out a career coach it highly likely you are ready for change, and change that will help you to be happy, fulfilled and contented in a career that suits you now.


I know it all sounds a little onerous and that it’s a bit too much hassle to search out and engage a competent, experienced and qualified career coach. Though if you are one of the 47% looking to change your career in 2019, it’s a small price to pay to change your career & life for the better. The reassurance is that when it works, career coaching will energise and give you the support necessary to achieve your future career goals and aspirations.


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