Home Based Working Strategy


Making home-based working work

Here at Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge), we know the highs and lows of home-based professionals and business people.

Our Home-Based Professional Coaching Programme is here to help you and your business create a positive transition toward happy, effective and successful experience for you at home at work.

With that in mind lets say you are floating somewhere on cloud nine by securing perhaps a new role, working flexibly, the business is expanding or starting your own business that allows you to work from a home-base. If this is the case many congratulations.

Home Based Working Conundrum

Working from a home-base is one of those concepts, like eating very large ice cream on a very hot day, that sounds great in theory. If you don’t approach it carefully, methodically and industriously, you’ll end up in a bit of a pickle and possibly very sticky.

Our Bright Sparks Home-Based Professional Coaching programme supports organisations, HR, professionals, self-employed and business people to make working at or from home happy and effective for all concerned.

Home Based Working Transition

My research into home-based working highlights that the transition is fraught with psychological & practical pitfalls. Here are a few of the difficulties that business & professional people starting out working from a home base can experience –

  • A sense of detachment and isolation from colleagues and associates on a day-to-day basis
    • Plans may need to put into place to negate the affects of being isolated whilst at work
  • Elevated stress levels due to lack of support.
  • Little social interaction and control over space for your work at home
  • Lack of a commute to help you move from home to work and back again.
    • Leads to presenteeism & issues well-being issues
  • Negotiating with the family for work time and home time
  • Health & Safety at home at work
  • Lack of motivation from the sense of direction from colleagues of clients

How do we help?

With this knowledge in mind, how do we help you and your team to manage the transitions to happy and successful home-based working?

  • Create a home-based professional transition pathway for HR and managers to help staff navigate their home-based work planning.
    • Support with the goals of the organisation & the person
  • Support with the temporal & spatial separation for the home-based professional.
    • Ensure the home & workspace remain cognitively separate
  • Time management to help make sure healthy work-life balance
  • Motivation and coaching support for each of your personal & business development goals
  • Weekly business and well-being coaching to negate the work/home issues that will arise

Next steps

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