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Bright Sparks Coaching professional DevelopmentProfessional and personal development is the strategy, that people use to progress and gain insight into what is most important in their lives and work. Development coaching is, therefore, used to strengthen positions, and mental health, gain credibility, promotion and progress throughout their life and work.

We understand

We understand strategic professional & personal development coaching, that engages an individual or team to focus on the needs of their future life & careers. Bright Sparks Coaching are fully aware of the importance of supporting clients to achieve effective life and career progress, through development coaching.

Of course, the skills gap has been a hot topic among business leaders, educators, and politicians over a number of years. Utilising our Bright Sparks Coaching Development programs, we help you create the awareness of necessary life skill sets and the professional agility you need to take you forward. Therefore helping to showcase your talents and support your progress effectively. You may want to develop into a leadership role or become a manager or even a better manager, a business executive or whatever role you want. Or perhaps be a better communicator, and manage your emotional intelligence and self-regulation in stressful situations. Whatever your needs both personal & professional we are here to support you through to the next level.

Below are just a few of the many benefits the Bright Sparks Coaching approach to personal professional development can provide for you, your career and your business.

1. Increased Career Prospects

More and more employers are cutting costs for opportunities for training staff and for promotion.  You and your organisation can stand out by offering and promoting professional development options. Professional development coaching shows that you care about your career progression and are interested in keeping yourself informed, focused and up-to-date with your industry sector long-term. Great for career prospects and promotion

2. Better Mental Health & Wellbeing

We all know the importance of good mental health and progressive well-being both at home and at work. Stress, frustration, anxiety and many other issues can make us feel bad about ourselves, others and our situation. Personal development coaching will support you to take back control of your feelings and emotions, to build better resilience and mental toughness.  Helping you to lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life at home and at work.

3. Build Confidence and Credibility

No one likes to feel like they are missing essential skills in their career. Providing personal & professional development coaching helps you to build confidence in the work you do and your interactions with other people. Development coaching helps to build credibility as you continue to gain new skill sets and profiles. You may need support to deal with a personal development area such as a need to be more assertive or deal with anxiety at work. If so please contact us to find out how we support clients with these issues. Find out more here

4. Make Succession Planning Easier

Professional development programs are great tools for training future managers and leaders. Rather than hiring from outside the business, promoting from within is a great way to demonstrate that you can have a long career with your organisation. By choosing our professional development coaching programs we support your mastery of the skills you need to progress and shape the development of your future leadership prospects. Find out more about our leadership coaching here

5. Re-energise your Career

Personal and Professional Development will help break up the monotony of everyday work and energise your creativity. Providing periodic professional development coaching can also help you gain new skills and perspectives, that can translate into how you approach your jobs and future career prospects.

6. Ability to Influence and Lead

By using the insight learned and with the confidence and credibility gained, there is an improved ability to influence and lead. As a result, your decision-making becomes less subjective and more about the facts and figures. These opportunities through coaching and professional development provide a tool for more meaningful contributions to the team.

7. Improved Efficiency

Not only does personal & professional development coaching offer you new progressive insight and skillsets, but it also allows you opportunities to learn. As other professionals share their experiences, so you can pick up new ideas and perspectives. This can lead to greater efficiencies for you and your organisation. A win-win situation. Check out our bespoke Learning Lab training programs to help you and your business thrive. See more here

So What Next?

Together we will cultivate your professional development coaching program to fit your needs. Leaving you fully aware of how to make more effective decisions for your professional development fits in with your career plans.  Don’t leave this important career development opportunity to chance. You can only make the first impression once. So let Bright Sparks Coaching be your partner to guide you to the next level that you deserve.

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**All coaching sessions are tailored around you and your immediate strategic needs. Talk to us about our fees and further details on charges, session structure and programme plans or perhaps let’s meet for a coffee?