Nudge Your Career Forward in 2021

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Nudging Your Career Forward (Part 1) Did you know that according to Glassdoor January is the month people look to change jobs or careers? To support that view, a report from the London School of Business and Finance, reveals that almost half of all workers in the UK want to reboot a stagnant career. So […]

“So, tell us about yourself?”- What to say, when and how

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When it comes to a job interview, you will probably have to answer a version of the age-old question, “So, tell us about yourself.” This simple interview question can fill many people full of dread, and constantly ask themselves “how much shall I tell them and about what?” Interviewers seem to love asking this question […]

The Flexible Working Survival Kit

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Okay, let’s say you may be floating somewhere on cloud nine by securing perhaps a new flexible working job, as a freelancer or starting your own business. All this allows you to work flexibly from or at home. If this is the case many congratulations. Working flexibly from or at home is one of those […]

The Career Enabled Disabled

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So you have a disability or have a long-term health condition and are looking to pick up your career. Or perhaps you starting out at work or would just like a job. Though do you feel confident employers will see past your condition or disability. You have the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities etc in […]

CV or not a CV that is the question?

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I can vividly remember a very peculiar lecture whilst studying for an MSc in Occupational Psychology. A recruiter arrived to discuss the recruitment process and the curriculum vitae (CV)/résumé sifting process. All interesting stuff. There we were sitting politely awaiting an evidenced based system for CV & candidate sifting. However, we were a little stunned to hear […]