Bright Sparks Coaching Enabled DisabledeCoaching – the new frontier in coaching

eCoaching today is an email option to support you on your career and professional development journey. All without the limitations of a set time and the uncertainty of space in diaries. Best of all, it provides you with the help you need when you need it.

eCoaching at Bright Sparks Coaching offers the same benefits and challenges as all our coaching consultations, just simply delivered in a different format.  Our work together will be focused upon your needs and completely personalised to what you want to achieve. We will incorporate many practical and motivational techniques and tools to serve your career and life goals best.

Why Bright Sparks eCoaching is right for your career and professional development –

  • Comfortable – You may find it easier to  express in writing rather than speaking
  • Discreet – No need to try and find a private, quiet place for a Skype or phone call
  • Flexible – You can email any time of the day or night
  • Easy – eCoaching is very low pressure and nice and relaxed
  • Convenient – especially for busy people who don’t have the time to schedule a one-hour session
  • Affordable – eCoaching is an affordable alternative for those who need support on a budget
  • Written Records – you can keep the emails for your records and refer back when you need to

Why eCoaching?

Over the years, we see how budget and scheduling constraints have kept individuals away from receiving timely psychological coaching support to help them achieve their goals.  We want everyone who is committed to bringing about change to careers and lives, to have access to the guidance, motivation, and accountability that is part of a quality coaching relationship. Email coaching allows for this possibility, with a flexible format.
What’s more, research shows that the mindful process of writing (as in an email) can help clients identify patterns, make sense of challenges, and come up with their answers.  Creating a narrative that is all-important to put life and career sequences into order. Thus creating a timeline and more goal-orientated outcomes for you.

What eCoaching will mean for you?

Bright Sparks eCoaching email interaction is not just a friendly virtual chat, although, of course, it’s great to hear from you. We bring a solid structure drawn from psychological models to support you and your focus on your challenges, into the larger framework of your professional and personal development

 What you can expect from us

  • Active support, practical guidance, and customised strategies
  • An action plan that helps you make sense of your goals
  • Worksheets & assessments with tools to manage your goals and take action
  • Replies to your emails within 2 working days
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you are supported through your challenges and actively moving towards your goals.

Here’s how eCoaching works

Our eCoaching packages are a monthly commitment for professional email support for less than the price of a single coaching session. We begin with an email discussion that helps us gain clarity on your goals and purpose.  Identify your talents, strengths, values, beliefs, aspirations, and perhaps challenges that may get in the way of your professional development.  Then we can create a structured plan of action for your way forward.  Ultimately, eCoaching is a simple and effective method to reach that fulfilling and satisfying life at home & work that you deserve.

Want to know more?

Our eCoaching programs are designed to get you started as quickly as possible and are very adaptable & flexible. Allowing you to tailor your eCoaching service as required for your career or life stage needs. Additional coaching services are available to help manage the process and are based on your requirements. Call on 07572881604 or contact us for how you can move your career forward for a happy and fulfilling future with a cost-effective Bright Sparks eCoaching package.

* We will answer your emails within 2 working days unless otherwise notified, holidays and unforeseen circumstances permitting.