MBA & Professional Onboarding

Bright Sparks Coaching Professional DevelopmentMake your MBA & Onboarding fly

So you have graduated with a shiny MBA or have gained a fabulous new management or leadership position. Perhaps you have secured that great new job you have always hankered after? If so many congratulations from all of us at Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge).

Now the hard part of the new role is just beginning. Research clearly shows that the key to your success is the first 90 days within a role. It is pivotal to how you are perceived within the organisation, your potential and how quickly you will assimilate into your team. You will quickly need to make sure you understand what is expected of you, your strategy to develop the role, your learning, and how you are going to achieve quick and visible early wins for your career to progress.

Crucial Career Decisions

We at Bright Sparks Coaching (Cambridge) are fully aware of this crucial time in your career. We have supported and coached many MBA graduates and more experienced professionals to make that transition much more successful.  Just take a look at our testimonials to read about the effects of our onboarding strategies with MBAs and many other professionals.

Here are a few facts and figures to consider and how important MBA & professional onboarding is to the business and the recruit:

  • 70% of recruits decide to stay at or leave an organisation within
    their first six months (HCI 2012)
  • 25% of all turnover occurs in the first 45 days (People Fluent Research 2012)
  • Delivering on employment Brand Promise is the No1 Employee Engagement
    factor in Asia in 2012 (Aon-Hewitt Engagement Survey)
  • Formal Onboarding increases the chance of keeping a new employee for at least 3 years by 69% (Aberdeen Group 2013)

With all that in mind, how do you make your first 90 days in your new role the success you deserve?  Call today to find out how the Bright Sparks Coaching Onboarding Strategy will help you make a success of the first 90 days in the post.

Moving ahead

There are several key aspects you will need to consider with your professional onboarding strategy. We will listen and help you develop your learning plans. Support your leadership/management style and competencies, creating a compelling future vision for your team and career. We will guide you through the whole process at the speed and level that you feel comfortable with. So no pressure, just a bespoke professional onboarding service. Support you when you need it most during your crucial first 90 days.

Talk to us today at 07572881604 or contact us to find out how you can make the transition into your new role the resounding success that you deserve