Networking can be both a pleasure and a curse. We have all been to networking meetings thinking it may help with career prospects or improve business.  Though more often than not we come away thinking “what was all that about!” We haven’t achieved anything apart from having a nice time, […]
I am sure you have seen LinkedIn and other social media platforms awash with articles on leadership and becoming a better leader. How many articles and promotions do we see “10 ways to become a great leader” or “Essential Leadership Training” etc, along with countless clichéd quotes from business characters. You have […]
I have a thing about the lack of evaluation and assessment (E&A) of workplace training & learning, my problem I know.  So while I am getting over that, lets be more positive and look at a few great ways to make your training & learning programmes stick. Needless to say, […]
Now, this is not a hard luck story, but the business of helping people learn. Learning whilst at work is one of those things that really animates me – almost to distraction. Some are lucky to have followed the traditional path of education in the UK and have parents/carers that […]