Making your Work Meaningful The desire for fulfilling work is one of the great aspirations of our age and this short video from Roman Krznaric reveals how one might make it a reality. It explores the competing claims we face for money and status while doing something meaningful and in tune with […]
This is a different perspective on why your career and the work you do is so important to your sense of fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction with our lot. Have a look at this video from philosopher Alain de Botton to hear a different perspective on work and careers.  
Adrian Furnham in the Sunday Times recently highlighted the need these days for leaders/business people in organisations and politicians to be able to give great memorable speeches. Now Mr Furnham touches on all the main points of presenting, speech making and creating a lasting impression. So pointless us going through those […]
I have been very fortunate to have worked with a number of Manchester Business School MBA students recently, helping them identify strengths and development areas for their immediate careers and their MBA studies. Now most believed (rightly so) that the MBA will kick start an upward trend in their careers and […]
Ever wondered how you ended up in the job or career you have presently? Was your career planned out with a prescribed course and action plan? Are you still doing the job you set out to do when you left university or school? My guess is not. Conversations with people constantly remind […]