Always interesting to read about the many different flavours of business, executive or career coaching psychology on LinkedIn and the web. Coaching, of course, is fast becoming an ever increasingly popular tool for supporting personal & professional development. With a raft of 2-week life-coaching & business mentoring courses through to MSc […]
I have a thing about the lack of evaluation and assessment (E&A) of workplace training & learning, my problem I know.  So while I am getting over that, lets be more positive and look at a few great ways to make your training & learning programmes stick. Needless to say, […]
Now I have to declare my hand here. This post is a bit of a catharsis for me. Being self-employed there are times when its a bit like being a resting actor. The Peter Sellers character of the actor  Warrington Minge, who was forever lurching between feast and famine.  Taking […]
Following on from the recent blog on face-to-face networking and how important getting you out and about is for your career, the question now is, has LinkedIn become the new CV/resume? Of course well crafted & up to date CV/resume is primarily a historical document of your experiences, skills, abilities & competencies […]
Having worked from a home-base whilst employed and now working at home working for myself, I do thoroughly understand what it takes to stay sane working at home. Having said that I am sure my friends and family may doubt my sanity. Let alone the home working part. Less said about […]