Philosophy of your Career, Sucess and Failure Another great TED talk from philosopher Alain de Botton on careers, job snobbery, the “you can do anything”  & “follow your dream” culture. A culture that that will sell you a self-help book to support the sense flagging self-esteem. Feeding on the the […]
How many people have a good performance appraisal experience? How many line managers feel that they are just a “HR box ticking” episode (bah humbug)? More to the point how many people actually have appraisals at work? Having spent time reviewing a large organisation’s appraisal process, it is clear that there is […]
We are all destined to do or be something truly extraordinary so we are told.
Scheming schemas, what on earth is that old man on about? Well if you are sitting comfortably then I will explain. Now the concept of schemas has been around for a while in psychology. It best describes a packet of information, patterns of thought and behaviour lodged away somewhere in […]
Here we are well into 2016 already, time flies when you are having fun. For many people moving headlong into the Spring time is the time to reappraise careers and move onto new horizons. Perhaps moving on to a more fulfilling and meaningful career? Perhaps a new business or to re-focus upon […]