Mindfulness Uncovered

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Mindfulness is everywhere these days, but is it really as beneficial as it’s often made out be? Is it just a middle-class conceit or is it a process that will help all of us in one shape or form? This audio from the British Psychological Society will hopefully map out what mindfulness is and what […]

Scheming Career Schemas

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Scheming schemas, what on earth is that old man on about? Well if you are sitting comfortably then I will explain. Now the concept of schemas has been around for a while in psychology. It best describes a packet of information, patterns of thought and behaviour lodged away somewhere in our non-conscious brain. It’s a […]

Coach Yourself…….It’s all about Balance

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How many self-help books about coaching yourself are there? All promise a bright new future or a happier life, there must be millions. In fact, having just searched Google for “coach yourself” revealed 13,500,000 results in just 0.36 seconds. So it seems there is a lot of people ahead of me in this queue. However learning to […]

The Joy of Mindlessness

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Now we are all aware of the upsurge in Mindfulness and the benefits of meditation. There is a growing research base that highlights how Mindfulness helps with a number of mild to moderate mental health and issues; both at home and work. However, the question is of course if Mindfulness is so productive in our […]