Adrian Furnham in the Sunday Times recently highlighted the need these days for leaders/business people in organisations and politicians to be able to give great memorable speeches. Now Mr Furnham touches on all the main points of presenting, speech making and creating a lasting impression. So pointless us going through those […]
Having been very fortunate to have worked with a number of MBA students, helping them identify strengths and development areas for their immediate careers and their MBA studies. Now most believed (and rightly so) that the MBA will kick start an upward trejectory in their careers. The qualification will open […]
Ever wondered how you ended up in the job or career you have presently? Was your career planned out with a prescribed course and action plan? Are you still doing the job you set out to do when you left university or school? My guess is not. Conversations with people constantly remind […]
Always interesting to read about the many different flavours of business, executive or career coaching psychology on LinkedIn and the web. Coaching, of course, is fast becoming an ever increasingly popular tool for supporting personal & professional development. With a raft of 2-week life-coaching & business mentoring courses through to MSc […]
Now I have to declare my hand here. This post is a bit of a catharsis for me. Being self-employed there are times when its a bit like being a resting actor. The Peter Sellers character of the actor  Warrington Minge, who was forever lurching between feast and famine.  Taking […]