Would you describe your career as linear, a very nice straight line in a particular job or profession? Or like mine and many others, a bit of a zig-zag and haphazard career path? Having been at work now for more years than I care to remember, I have had a […]
We live in a world awash with the need to be positive and the necessity to play nicely with one another. Organisations, social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter notably), institutions & the ubiquitous positivity guru’s have, according to Barbara Ehrenreich, hijacked positive psychology to espouse the virtues of “if you have nothing positive […]
I am sure you have seen LinkedIn and other social media platforms awash with articles on leadership and becoming a better leader. How many articles and promotions do we see “10 ways to become a great leader” or “Essential Leadership Training” etc, along with countless clichéd quotes from business characters. You have […]
Now I have to declare my hand here. This post is a bit of a catharsis for me. Being self-employed there are times when its a bit like being a resting actor. The Peter Sellers character of the actor  Warrington Minge, who was forever lurching between feast and famine.  Taking […]
Now, this is not a hard luck story, but the business of helping people learn. Learning whilst at work is one of those things that really animates me – almost to distraction. Some are lucky to have followed the traditional path of education in the UK and have parents/carers that […]